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Related article: the Church as well is constantly watchful against the danger of self-delusion in regard to these; always, in the processes of beatification and canonization, they are treated warily when not rejected as "imaginary." Nevertheless, they are all that an ardent soul like Rosa's can bring back from ec- static prayer to show a suspicious Inquisition, since what it has gone through beyond these eludes words. She prob- ably never knew that greater mystics before her — Saint Theresa, Saint Catherine and Saint John of the Cross — had endured weary periods of doubt, suspicions and re- buke before their experiences were accepted for genuine; that John, the Barefoot Carmelite, died disgraced in the sight of his own people. Mysticism has suffered — if that be possible — through the loose employment of its terminology by persons who never gave it serious study or who could not understand its puri- ty and power. The world needs often to be reminded that the supreme mystics reveal no signs of "abnormality" in ordinary life. Theresa, John, Catherine, Saint Bernard, were all distinguished by excellent brains and as Professor l2o Sharpe points out "by superior acumen in business matters. " No wandering wits could have confronted and conquered such earthly Amitriptyline 75 Mg enemies as beset them, every one. It is Amitriptyline 100 Mg only false mysticism, M. Farges warns, that is full of distract- ing perils for both mind and soul. True, if mystical know- ledge is above intellect and sense, then the scientific psy- chologist can only call it pure emotion. But while, as he would maintain, the sexual factor may be strong in the ex- perience, still that has quite failed to explain it. Pascal experienced ecstasy. Spinoza and Descartes were aware of less complete mystical experience. It began for them, says Boutroux, as for others, in "a passionate yearn- ing of the soul toward an unknown good — in an indefinable malaise." The French psychologist explains that, for the mystic, mortification of the body liberates the soul. It is part of his struggle, like Rosa's, to break every attachment to the world. And if he ever does attain to the ecstasy of union, that brings him thereafter "a new orientation in the old life." He becomes restless with his purpose to realize that supernatural life he has for one instant known, or even dimly surmised. True mysticism, protests Knight Dunlap, ought not to he judged by the absurdities of modern pseudo-mysticism — or of "spiritualism," or inept and impudent psychology. Perfect mystical knowledge is illumination: The Third Knowledge. "And the mystic's identification of his know- ledge with love derives straight from the early Greek philos- ophy in which Eros is the directing power that coordinates the universe." Dionysius the Areopagite and the Alex- andrians, the sources of pure antique mysticism, knew those three stages of Union, Love and Ecstasy through 121 which Rosa passed fourteen hundred years afterward in the "divine gloom" of her adobe hermitage in the orchard. In all those centuries mystics have never been many, and when theydo appear theystillannoythe devotees of common sense. 122 YOUNG A4AN TRIES A RUCHE On a plaza not far from the rambling and crowded Flores house in Santo Domingo Street lived a young man of noble blood who had been smitten in the thorough-going, sleep- less Spanish manner with Rosa's delicate face and inacces- sible sweetness. "Even to be near her for a little while — to kiss her hand!" he chanted to his brother. "1 would give a sack of reales merely to be permitted to watch her sewing so busily thereby the window, afternoons, for who knows? — She might glance up and smile upon me ! " "As she does at the mosquitos." "I mean to get admission to her house! I will not eat my heart out, following her as she hurries to church — mur- muring 'Corazon!' and 'Preciosa!' to the tip of my beard, as 1 am obliged to do by her fleetness. Nor do 1 propose tamely to lurk about and lose my peace ! I should rather die in some attempt to win her." "Excellent. She Buy Amitriptyline Uk will pray for you as they tighten the garrote, after the townsfolk learn that you have offended Lima's holy doncella." "Why is it so certain that it would be futile to treat of marriage with her parents ? Rosa dwells outside the cloister, after all. ^' 123 "You are wasting your ingenuity, jovencito. That was settled years ago, in a long row that brought on a thunder- storm . " Undiscouraged, Don Vicente Montesinos de Venegas knocked at his mother's door. "Only wait, I begin to see a way ! " In her apartment the seiiora's Female slave was already beginning her toilet, at nine in the morning, for a bullfight to be held in the plaza at four. "What do you desire, hijo ? I am somewhat occupied." "Lady mother, as you look at your laces and shawls does it not occur to you that your unfortunate son has no fine